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Sites support

Поддержка сайтов

Поддержка сайтов

Sites support, upgrading and troubleshooting of websites

Sites support – additional type of service we provide. During the operation of a site a various kinds of needs or problems take place. We are ready to make some error correction or upgrade you need. Below we have compiled a list of often tasks. But this is not all we can do for you.

Domain Name Hosting

  • registration / delegation / domain redirection
  • attachment of the domain to the Yandex  and Google mail
  • subdomain names creation
  • host configuration
  • accommodation / hosting site transfer

Site administration

  • site configuration
  • customer consulting
  • site optimization
  • the content management
  • functionality development


  • site backup recovery
  • troubleshooting code errors
  • erroneous settings system crash recovery
  • elements display errors troubleshooting

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