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Website development with 50% discount

Hello everyone! We are pleased to develop the site for half price for those who are just starting their own business or project.

"What is the cost of a website development?" - The answer to this question can not be obtained immediately, because it is often even before the end of the developoment the customer does not understand what he wanted. It's like asking how much cost a house? The cost of development can be determined after some investigation especially if there is no competent technical specification for the development of the site. On this basis we propose to discuss all the details and make a decision on development costs, taking into account that we declare the final price reduction by half. Well, and after that you can decide you work with us or not.

Rules for participation in the action!

  • A new project or business that is organized less than a year ago!
  • Understanding of a site creation purpose and a representation of how it should look!
  • Preparation of content (text, images, contact information), by the customer!

As you can see the requirements are very simple, but we reserve the right to withdraw from the development of your site if we decide your project uninteresting for us. So to summarize - we are ready to develop a site for half its value in the event that your project meets the above conditions. Do not be afraid to ask, it's free. To contact us you can use any of the feedback forms, as well as phone or email. By the way, our prices and the quality of work - pleasure surprise!

Contact us right now!

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